Since my grandmother told me that the universe was made by tiny particles, I have been fallen in love with the deepest understanding of how nature works. Physics was my first love, in particular the theoretical aspects of particles, space, and time. I took my bachelor’s, master’s degree, and Ph.D. digging up the mysteries of the universe. 

In one sense, I was interested in the language of nature. It sounds funny that now I am into another language, the human language. Currently, I am working and researching in the field of Artificial Intelligence. In particular, I am using deep learning to solve Natural Language Processing (NLP) problems. More in general, I am interested in AI research and in AI applications to science and social good. I am also committed to education and science communication.

Below, I will briefly review my experiences (from the latest) and education. You can also find complete information looking at my LinkedIn and CV.


My last work? NLP for Sustainability with EU Joint Research Centre.

Moreover, I contribute and take part to several initiatives (meetups, workshops, Q&A) promoted by Deep Learning Italia and IAML (Italian Association for Machine Learning) .

Past Employments

  • (2018-2020) Senior Deep Learning Scientist @ Harman, a Samsung Company (Bixby Vocal Assistant Project);
  • (2017) Research Grant (Postdoc), Deep Learning for Nanoscience @ Italian Centre for Research (CNR).


  • Ph.D. in Statistical Physics @ SISSA (2016, Group Page)
    Thesis: On entanglement negativity in 1+1 and 2+1 dimensional quantum systems
    Details: I pursued research in fundamental physical quantities such as entanglement entropy, mutual information, and entanglement negativity. These quantities have relevant roles in many-body physics, quantum information theory and holographic theories, such as ADS/CFT. Besides an analytical component, my work had a strong numerical approach which materialized in several publications on relevant scientific journals (Google Scholar).
  • Master in High-Performance Computing (CNR-IOM fellowship, 2017)
    Project: Deep Learning for Nanoscience Scanning Electron Microscope Image Recognition
  • Master Degree in Theoretical Particle Physics, Padua University (2011)
    Thesis: Supersymmetric Sigma Models in two-dimension and their integrability (PI: Prof. D. Sorokin)
  • Bachelor Degree in Physics, Padua University (2008)
    Thesis: Feynman Path Integral and Stochastic Processes (PI: Prof. P. Marchetti)


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