Hey there! I have been working in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the last 5 years after a Ph.D. in Theoretical Particle\Statistical Physics. Currently, I am the Lead AI Scientist at Pi School. Particularly, we are applying Deep Learning to solve problems that have a positive social or environmental impact (AI4Good). Previously, I was a Research Scientist in Natural Language Processing (NLP).

More in general I have a strong interest in AI research and Quantum Machine Learning, which is the common ground of my past and present. I am a Machine Learning lecturer and TED❌ speaker. By the way, I am a civil pilot and I enjoy taking photos (here my Instagram). More about my professional life here: About & Lectures (or my CV).

Does your startup want to start its AI journey? Do you wish to know the new tech trends? You can book a call with me if you want to discuss anything related to AI/ML/DL.


  • Lead AI Scientist
  • Machine Learning Lecturer
  • Advisor, Mentor and Speaker


  • Natural Language Processing
  • AI for Climate & AI for Good
  • Quantum Machine Learning
  • Entanglement and emergence of space-time


  • Ph.D. Statistical Physics (SISSA)
  • Theoretical Particle Physics (UniPd)
  • Master in HPC and AI (SISSA/ICTP)
  • EASA Civil Pilot (PPL)